Debt recovery SolutionS

The global team for international debt collection

The administration of our debt recovery business conducted a strategy session at the beginning of 2019. One of the most important decisions is the declaration that the single indicator of financial growth is a unique passageway to debt collection claims of our key clients.

We set up the idea that our company should strengthen an individual system of work with the biggest clients' portfolios. We upgraded our system, which now includes more than 40 types of demand letters for every country we work in, unique instructions for mediations for every kind of dispute or counterclaim that may arise, lists of Q&A for non-typical cases, automatic responses, repayment confirmations and communicating directly to clients' CRM systems.
For some key clients, we also developed individual client portals, which are based on our debt recovery platform to present immediate updates and statistics about the managed debt portfolio.

After only six months of 2019, going ahead with such strategy, we have noticed a growth of debt return results, which allowed us to overcome the numbers and incoming portfolios for the whole of 2018. Such results significantly affected to financial plans of our customers and allowed them to be confident in huge income from collections of debts. They even reported to us that we have not only exceeded their expectations but the results of other debt recovery bureaus as well.

At the same time, the result of other patrons with smaller cases usually remained the same. We believe that every client of CIS could be a key one. Therefore, we decided to invest our knowledge, time and resources in developing a unique system of work for every small client. Moreover, the agency created a separate team for such cases, with global goals and an international portfolio. The name for the new team was obvious for everyone. The team concentrated on developing the individual approach of debt reimbursement to each client, taking into the record the sphere of industry and type of delivered services. In such a way, we usually understand the reason of debtors' default even before we reach them for the initial time. It also allows us to start debt recovery work right after we receive the corresponding instructions of our clients. Currently, when we receive cases from a new client, we surely ought a positive experience of work with likewise cases previously.
Thus, every new client is feeling business debt relief, while being confident that our attorneys know what they make regardless of the nature of the claim. Debt specialists and debt recovery attorneys of our global organization are ready to work with B2B claims of huge export-credit agencies, travel companies, banks, government institutions and particular suppliers of goods or services despite their sales volume.

Such expertise allows understanding market processes and account collection laws inside of 145 countries, which are covered by us and our agents.