Debt recovery SolutionS

International Debt Collection Agency Services

International Debt Collection Agency CIS DRS is a third-party debt collection agency that performs service shows collecting a debt amount owed to a creditor, which has to be recovered from a debtor. We are a full-service and outstanding global debt recovery law firm with the practices of debt restructuring, international alternative dispute resolution, insolvency, and debt recovery during the last ten years.

Working with worldwide B2B debt portfolios for international creditors, our team of highly qualified staff has learned how to negotiate with distressed businesses, third parties, shareholders, and administrators to provide successful results.

What do we also do for our clients, additionally to B2B debt recovery?

We have a range of corporate services focused on improving security and improving business cash flow. We have solutions that can meet immediate needs in your business. Our teams can always provide consistent and reliable service.

Individual Amicable Debt Collection

No matter what business you have, your assets could be at risk. We can help your company to prevent and resolve financial liabilities worldwide.

Working with individual approach to amicable debt collection, we aim to recover payments from your debtors who have defaulted on them and perform such work:
We use a fair and dignified approach throughout the process of analysis of trade documents for further debt collection process;
We directly engage with all parties concerned to make a credit check of the debtor's company and ensure a thorough investigation;
Our team ensures a fast turnaround time processing results for planning a strategy for peaceful settlement;
Our service for drafting official demand letters, personal meetings with the debtor, and phone negotiations with the debtor ensure that debtors are aware of what they owe.
We follow proven to draft restructuring plans and strategies to control installment and debt collection. This allows us to stand on the frontier with acting, helping to resolve issues with an individual amicable debt collection.

International Commercial Debt Litigation

Our international debt collection services perform commercial debt litigation to maximize recovery rates on commercial bad debt. We perform a review of trade documents, drafting and filing law-suit, application for asset seizure, making a strategy of litigation, and ensuring that you receive the highest result and return of your debts.

Our customer-friendly communication strategy and participation in court hearings allow for efficient debt recovery without a negative impact on customer relationships.

We are ready to think as clearly as possible about the time of legal debt collection through the courts, provide translation services, and draft a Power of Attorney to get a judgment for the client. Our local partners are happy to assist clients worldwide.

International Commercial Arbitration

Many of our clients conduct business internationally. Therefore, we think collecting an international claim should also be convenient. Our client-oriented approach assists in a legal review of the arbitration clause, ensuring you keep global support.

Translation of the documents, drafting a Power of Attorney, and making a strategy for arbitration is performed using the experience and practices of commercial arbitration in any country you conduct business within.
Our experienced team can help you to draft and file a law-suit with IAC, and also competently draft an application for assets seizure on your behalf.

Our strategic partnerships and participation in arbitration hearings will assist in obtaining arbitral awards for clients around the globe. Make us the smart choice to meet your international commercial arbitration challenges.

International Enforcement of Judgments

We understand that working closely with our customers leads to successful outcomes. We do our best to make your case heard in court. Our work in this practice is filled with analysis of judgment or arbitral award and making a strategy of enforcement.

We are professional debt recovery specialists, therefore we have enough experience and knowledge to draft an application for enforcement to the local court. For our clients, we have developed an operating system of participation in court hearings for obtaining a writ of enforcement. Our face-to-face private control of execution work and filing the writ to Bailiff's Service led to our industry-notable success in over 88% of successfully completed cases.