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Debt management in Italy

Just like in many countries worldwide, debt management is an essential part of B2B in Italy. When businesses provide services or sell goods to each other such issues as overdue invoices occur more frequently. That is why many of them usually prefer to deal with debt management by hiring collection agencies. This practice is common worldwide. CIS DRS provides its services in many countries, including Italy. We understand that the recovery of the debts for B2B companies in Italy can have particular difficulties such as cultural and trading traditions. In addition, Italy is known for the application of different legislation in terms of amicable recovery.

Debt collection in Italy has almost the same features as all other European countries. In general, companies should make the payment for their debts within 30 days. In Europe, this time can be extended up to 60 days. In practice, companies rarely follow the timelines and that is why many commercial companies need help with the recovery process.

How does CIS DRS provide services for debt recovery for B2B in Italy?

The debt collection process in Italy can be quite complicated and challenging and may take some time. That is when a company decided to carry out this process on its own. However, with the help of a debt recovery firm, it is possible to avoid many complications. In CIS DRS the teams of experts try their best to make sure that companies return their funds as fast as possible without damaging their reputation. We have been collecting debts for many years worldwide, including Italy. Such practice helps us to not just recover the payments, but also to understand the business differences that exist.

Our investigation teams have established practice that includes profound research of the financial status of debtors and any additional contacts. All other teams are experts in conducting negotiations with the debtors in many languages to understand the debtors better. We always plan strategically and provide B2B with consultation for the possible outcomes. The goal of our teams is to return your payments and to reach an agreement.

Key steps for the B2B debt recovery in Italy

At first, our lawyers initiate communication by making a call and sending letters to let the debtors know about the situation. We formally request to comply with the national legislation and fulfill this obligation. In case of a response, we negotiate with the debtors by using different techniques bearing in mind cultural differences to get the best outcome. In case of a refusal from the debtor, we instruct our clients on the next possible steps, which mean the trial settlement of debt cases.

Why to enroll CIS DRS for debt recovery?

When it comes to the debt recovery in Italy lots of resources have to be spent. That is why, by hiring CIS DRS to handle the matter it would be possible to solve any complications, which may occur. We understand all the specifics and complications that could arise while returning the funds to Italy. With the help of our experience and established partnerships, we will ensure that your money is returned in the best possible way.

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Why should I choose CISDRS debt recovery services in Italy?

    We use the “No Collection, No Fee” principle in debt collection. You pay for our services only after the receipt of the money from the debtor. No prior payments and/or charges (e.g. open, handling, closure, or whatsoever charges)
  • Excellent client service experience
    We provide excellent client service and are ready to get in touch with you through an email, a call, or even messengers. You will be always aware of the situation as we provide monthly reports on your cases. We have developed unique recovery algorithms and created individual workflow for each creditor
  • Proven Track Record

    Our firm has a proven track record of successfully recovering B2B debts in Italy. We have helped numerous businesses regain their outstanding funds, earnings despite the business area. We cover key Global Industries and work with Credit Insurers, Transnational Banks, SaaS companies, Tech companies, Financial Institutions, Multinational Companies, International Law Firms, International Debt Collection Agencies etc.
  • Effective local debt collections solutinos
    With our established local presence and extensive network in Italy, we have built valuable contacts with key stakeholders in the debt collection industry. This allows us to efficiently navigate the local landscape, locate debtors, and expedite the debt recovery process
  • Highest standard of professional ethics
    At CIS DRS, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of professional ethics and value the reputation of our clients. Our lawyers follow strict protocols to ensure that all collection efforts are conducted in a fair and ethical manner
  • Transparent communication and reporting
    We believe in open and transparent communication with our clients. Throughout the B2B debt collection process in Italy, we provide regular updates, detailed reports, and clear documentation, keeping you informed every step of the way. You are always informed about the progress


Legal procedures for collecting B2B debts in Italy involve initiating legal action through the court system or using alternative dispute resolution methods.

services available in Italy

AMICABLE DEBT COLLECTION: Comprehensive Approaches to Secure Repayment

By applying these strategies, you can increase the likelihood of successful debt collection and secure the financial stability of your business.

DEBT MANAGEMENT: Effective Measures for Financial Control and Client Communication

Through these strategies, businesses can not only improve their debt management processes but also maintain positive relationships with their clients, ultimately leading to a healthier financial position.

LITIGATION: Navigating the Legal Process for Debt Recovery

These steps can be complex and time-consuming. Therefore, it is recommended to seek the help of an experienced law firm or debt recovery agency like to guide you through the litigation process. They can help ensure your interests are effectively represented and improve your chances of a successful outcome.

ARBITRATION: An Alternative Dispute Resolution for Debt Recovery

Arbitration can be a complex process, so it's recommended to enlist the help of professionals, such as the debt recovery specialists at, who have experience in arbitration procedures and can represent your interests effectively.

ENFORCEMENT: Realizing the Debt Recovery

Enforcement can be a complex process that requires expert knowledge of the legal system. Therefore, it can be beneficial to enlist the services of a professional debt recovery agency like They can guide you through the enforcement process, handling the legal details, and helping you recover your debt in a timely and effective manner.

BANKRUPTCY: An Inescapable Route in Debt Recovery

The bankruptcy process can be a complicated and lengthy one. Enlisting the help of a professional debt recovery agency like can make the process more manageable. These professionals can handle all aspects of the bankruptcy process, from filing claims to asset recovery, ensuring that your interests are protected throughout.

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