Debt portfolio management & B2B debt collection in BELGIUM
We recover your bad debts for the success fee.
Are your Belgian partners not ready to pay off your debt? Unpaid bills are a headache for any entrepreneur. Those who have to deal with debtors are forced to deal with many reminders, calls, and enforcement. At the same time, don’t you want to break off relations with the client, but do not know how to find a way to effectively collect debts in Belgium?
CIS DRS is an international b2b debt collection agency, where debt collection is carried out as diplomatically as possible. We understand that there are several official languages ​​in Belgium and this complicates the process of commercial credit collections. Due to misunderstandings in Belgian law, the language barrier with your partner, and other factors, the corporate debt collection process can be lengthy and unsuccessful for you.
Our Belgian lawyers that focus on corporate debt collection services have the skills and knowledge to convince your debtor to pay. We work with lawyers whose offices are located throughout Belgium, so we can easily carry out a commercial debt collection in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of b2b collections with CIS DRS

If your business partner has not met their payment obligations, you can expect the competent and reliable help of the CIS DRS team in providing commercial collection services and collecting debts.
Our clients can be sure that their problems will be resolved quickly. We understand that b2b debt recovery can go to the stage of litigation, and then the delay in payment will turn into a long dispute. Therefore, we are taking all necessary measures to resolve the debt issue without judicial intervention.
Our Belgian lawyers are familiar with local law. Working in b2b debt collection, we have collected the necessary knowledge base and extensive experience and knowledge of the laws of Belgium. This will allow us to collect debt in the shortest possible time.
Maintaining business relationships. Fairness and understanding will ensure that your business relationship remains the same even after the commercial collections process. We are a fair and determined debt collection management partner.
We will easily overcome the language barrier. When dealing with commercial debt issues, we have no language problems. Our professional lawyers speak fluently both your language and the other official languages ​​of Belgium: Dutch, French, and German. They will successfully negotiate with your partners on the return of the debt.

How do we Work with Commercial Debt Recovery

The international debt collection service includes:
  • pre-trial settlement of a dispute on the international principle no penalty - no fee;
  • tracking the debtor at his location with the preparation of reports;
  • searching for business information about the debtor;
  • debt collection;
  • compulsory execution of a court decision;
  • legalization of a court decision on the territory of a foreign state.

Typically, most debt collection cases that our commercial debt collection agency faced were resolved at an out-of-court stage. We send the invoice to pay for the services rendered, showing the due date to the debtor. If after the expiration date the payment has not been credited to the account we call and send written notifications to the debtor. In case of non-payment, after all notifications, the creditor may go to court.
We will always inform you in advance about the commencement of legal proceedings with your debtor. In Belgium, there are several court procedures that you can start to get your money back. Our business collection agency will be the connecting link and will help you to correctly resolve debt collection cases, having received from you all the necessary information and documents in a language convenient for you.
Contact us to find a competent lawyer in Belgium. CIS DRS provides commercial debt recovery services to clients who face the problem of non-payment for services/goods or they are not being repaid under the contract. We know how to find an approach to the debtor and will return your debt as soon as possible. Fill out an application on our website, and our lawyers will contact you shortly.
Serving Clients in BELGIUM for more than two decades
No Recovery-No Fee.
  • Verifying Debtor's Address
  • Checking Debtors' Status in Database
  • Brief Report to Client
  • Case Strategy Design
  • Confirmation Receipt
  • Claims Automation System
  • Case Processing Starts Immediately
Our lawyers do their best to collect your credits
  1. Get Proposal
  2. Forward for Client's Approval
  3. Collect Payment to Client
  4. CLOSE the File
Whether Debtor Responds Positively (if yes)
  1. Send In-house Demand Notice
  2. Whether Disputes (if yes)
  3. Get Proposal from Debtor
  4. Forward for Client's Approval
  5. Collect Payment to Client (if approved)
  6. Suggest Court Case If Worth (if no)
  7. CLOSE
Whether Responds Negatively (if no)
  1. Convince for Amicable Settlement
  2. Get Proposal
  3. Forward for Client's Approval
  4. Collect Payment to Client (if approved)
  5. CLOSE
Whether Disputes (if no)
You always receive reports regarding our efforts in time

  1. Current Status of Each Case
  2. Collection Efforts Our Lawyers Have Already Done
  3. What Should Be Done Further
  4. Expected Outcome Or Suggestion
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