We are a full-service b2b debt collection agency. Our experienced team, with 10 years in the b2b collections industry, is committed to providing you with the best b2b debt recovery services possible in Singapore. We are focused on our client, therefore we speak your language and are guided by the laws and local cultures and processes of Singapore. Our local expertise allows us to do our job well and achieve the best results for your business.

How does Accounts Receivable collection work in Singapore?

Most often to resolve issues with loan receivable in Singapore, creditors are forced to go to courts to protect their own rights and interests. Preparing for the foreclosure of AR collections takes a lot of time, money, and effort. If you do not know the laws of Singapore, habits, and traditions in the legislation, doing business will be difficult.

Our specialists have over 10 years of experience in managing a collection of accounts receivable cases and can manage your debit accounts receivable the way you want. We have years of experience in global credit management and AR financing. Our experienced attorneys create an accounts receivable strategy that solves your AR accounts receivable challenges most effectively. We can build accounts receivable services that get results.

Advantages of overdue receivables

Our experienced lawyers help you keep positive working relationships with your customers. We developed our negotiation strategy in such a way as to resolve the situation with the collection of receivables by providing non-contentious solutions. Using this approach to solving the case, payments receivable are credited to our clients' accounts as soon as possible.

We work with your debtors worldwide, so we know all legal solutions to problems and how to recover financial receivables. We have legal representatives in Singapore who are fluent in the language and understand the laws of this country. They will represent you and organize the collection of receivable debtors’ accounts without your presence in Singapore.

How CIS DRS agency provides Accounts Receivable in Singapore

 b2b debt collection
Our experts will agree with you in advance about a five-step process for overdue accounts receivable scenarios. The pre-trial and resolution of your case with your client consists of a phone call to the accounts receivable accountant, another phone call or two, a letter of demand, a final letter of demand. If the client does not go to the settlement of the issue amicably, we will hand it over to the court.

We create personalized and fair collections processes of debt receivable. To create an accurate view of the customer, our specialists use a global database, collect data from a range of sources, apply analytics and various models of collecting information about your case. It helps design and execute a strategy that will be efficient and compliant in court.

The judicial procedure provides for our appeal on behalf of the company to an arbitration court, consideration of the case by a judge, making a decision, and its subsequent enforcement for the collection of accounts receivable.

CIS services - Accounts Receivable in Singapore

Minimize AR allowance recovery efforts with CIS DRS. We provide better use of technology to solve your AR cases. Our full-fledged law company collects your overdue accounts receivable in most of the world’s countries, including Singapore. Our debt collection professionals are well-versed in local collection procedures and laws and have the same spoken language as your non-payers.

Get help with accounts receivable debt collection to avoid bad debts. Contact one of our AR receivable experts to learn how CIS payment receivable services can help protect your business from account receivable losses. Fill in the form below and receive superior debt collection services right now!
Serving Clients in SINGAPORE for more than two decades
Debt Collection
  • analysis of trade documents in default
  • credit check of the debtor's company
  • strategy for peaceful settlement
  • drafting official demand letters
  • phone negotiations with debtor
  • personal negotiations with debtor
  • drafting restructuring plan
  • control of installment payment
Debt Management
  • portfolio analysis
  • control of payment terms
  • timely reminders
  • soft communication with clients
  • advisory regarding billing cycles
  • reminders via emails
  • receivables control
  • legal review of trade documents
  • translation of the documents
  • drafting a Power of Attorney
  • making a strategy of litigation
  • drafting and filing law-suit
  • application for assets seizure
  • participation in court hearings
  • obtaining judgment for client
  • legal review of arbitration clause
  • translation of necessary documents
  • drafting a Power of Attorney
  • making a strategy for arbitration
  • drafting and filing law-suit with IAC
  • application for assets seizure
  • participation in arbitration hearings
  • obtaining arbitral award for client
  • analysis of judgment or arbitral award
  • making a strategy of enforcement
  • drafting application for enforcement to local court
  • participation in court's hearings
  • obtaining writ of enforcement
  • filing the writ to Bailiff's Service
  • control of execution work
  • filing creditors claims
  • representing clients in creditors committee meetings
  • bankruptcy process monitoring
  • liquidators communication
  • regular reporting to client
  • assets recovery


No Recovery-No Fee.
  • Verifying Debtor's Address
  • Checking Debtors' Status in Database
  • Brief Report to Client
  • Case Strategy Design
  • Confirmation Receipt
  • Claims Automation System
  • Case Processing Starts Immediately
Our lawyers do their best to collect your credits
  1. Get Proposal
  2. Forward for Client's Approval
  3. Collect Payment to Client
  4. CLOSE the File
Whether Debtor Responds Positively (if yes)
  1. Send In-house Demand Notice
  2. Whether Disputes (if yes)
  3. Get Proposal from Debtor
  4. Forward for Client's Approval
  5. Collect Payment to Client (if approved)
  6. Suggest Court Case If Worth (if no)
  7. CLOSE
Whether Responds Negatively (if no)
  1. Convince for Amicable Settlement
  2. Get Proposal
  3. Forward for Client's Approval
  4. Collect Payment to Client (if approved)
  5. CLOSE
Whether Disputes (if no)
You always receive reports regarding our efforts in time

  1. Current Status of Each Case
  2. Collection Efforts Our Lawyers Have Already Done
  3. What Should Be Done Further
  4. Expected Outcome Or Suggestion

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