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Debt Recovery in Sharjah
One of the main challenges the company faces in Sharjah, as in all other emirates of the UAE, is the huge overdue accounts receivable. This affects not only working capital but also increases the creditor's debt and the cost of business operation in addition to litigation and collection costs.

CIS Debt Recovery Solution is a worldwide international debt collection agency that provides commercial (also known as B2B) debt recovery services, including the Middle East. If you are a creditor who is having a hard time returning fair payment from a mercantile debtor, our agency provides excellent debt collection services in Sharjah that can help you recover unpaid debts.

During the debt recovery process with a company, it is important to involve a local law firm that acts per Sharjah's legal framework. Most debt collection cases in Sharjah are resolved amicably. CIS Debt Recovery Solutions overcomes obstacles, disputes, and all other legal difficulties that may arise during the process. Our agency understands the local culture and knows all the legal processes. The UAE has a civil law system, the main sources of which are federal codes adopted by the Constitution. Our lawyers make sure that all legal actions are carried out under the law.

CIS Debt Collection Services

Our company provides all types of debt collection services in Sharjah:
  • complete informational research;
  • due diligence of the company;
  • a full range of negotiations, including letters, emails, phone and conference calls, personal meetings, site visits, etc.;
  • drafting all necessary legal documents, petitions, claims, lawsuit; further support of the case until payment.

You can be sure that our company will provide an exceptional service to return your money in full compliance with international and national laws, as well as with local business rules and customs.

In cases where an amicable result is not achieved, it is necessary to initiate legal proceedings. The Emirate of Sharjah has a Federal court system that includes a Court of First Instance, Court of Appeal, and Federal Supreme Court. Since there are no relevant specialized courts in Sharjah (UAE), lawyers present the case in civil courts. The statute of limitations is 10-15 years for filing a claim.

A petition is filed to the Sharjah courts to recover the outstanding debt. Thereafter, the court will send a letter to the debtor demanding the outstanding debt be paid off along with a penalty for late payment within 15 days. If the debtor cannot pay the debt within this period, a lawsuit is initiated against the debtor. Debt collection litigation also allows the creditor to claim additional compensation.

Why CIS Debt Recovery Solutions is the best way for your debt recovery in Sharjah?

Our collection agency is one of the TOP-100 leading law firms in the field of international alternative dispute resolution and debt restructuring. You will benefit from our years of practice in debt collection and network of lawyers in 145 countries.

All of your personal information and trade secrets will be kept secure as we comply with the General European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can also take advantage of our AI and Big Data IT platform and have direct access to all statistics on legal efforts and results.

Our prices are based on excellent client service. That is why we cooperate with our partners based on a Success Fee. This means that you pay for our services exclusively after the return of owed money.

Therefore, if your company has outstanding debt in Sharjah and you want to return it soon, you can hire our international debt collection agency. Feel free to contact CIS Debt Recovery Solutions and send us your request via the form below.
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No Recovery-No Fee.
  • Verifying Debtor's Address
  • Checking Debtors' Status in Database
  • Brief Report to Client
  • Case Strategy Design
  • Confirmation Receipt
  • Claims Automation System
  • Case Processing Starts Immediately
Our lawyers do their best to collect your credits
  1. Get Proposal
  2. Forward for Client's Approval
  3. Collect Payment to Client
  4. CLOSE the File
Whether Debtor Responds Positively (if yes)
  1. Send In-house Demand Notice
  2. Whether Disputes (if yes)
  3. Get Proposal from Debtor
  4. Forward for Client's Approval
  5. Collect Payment to Client (if approved)
  6. Suggest Court Case If Worth (if no)
  7. CLOSE
Whether Responds Negatively (if no)
  1. Convince for Amicable Settlement
  2. Get Proposal
  3. Forward for Client's Approval
  4. Collect Payment to Client (if approved)
  5. CLOSE
Whether Disputes (if no)
You always receive reports regarding our efforts in time

  1. Current Status of Each Case
  2. Collection Efforts Our Lawyers Have Already Done
  3. What Should Be Done Further
  4. Expected Outcome Or Suggestion

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