Collecting payments is an integral part of many businesses around the world. Debt collection has become an integral part of their operations for many companies in Indonesia. CIS DRS monitors any changes in legislation and business practices in the area of debt collection and collection in Indonesia
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CIS DRS is an international external debt collection agency that provides third party debt collection services. CIS DRS also covers all 34 provinces in Indonesia. The network of global partners includes several offices around the world, which greatly helps our debt collection results in the Southeast Asian region as well.

Indonesia has a mixed legal system, combining Civil Law with religious principles and local customs. As of today, Indonesia does not have a law or regulation governing collection costs in particular or debt collection activities in general. The statute of limitations in Indonesia is 30 years. However, some provisions provide for a more specific statute of limitations for filing a claim (for example, claims for invalid checks - 6 months, and claims for shipments by sea - 1 year).
The Indonesian Civil Code regulates interest on late payment that must be paid by a defaulting party at the request of the creditor in court. Two kinds of interest can be applied. The usual interest rate may be agreed by the parties through a contract or bill and applied in the event of a delay in payment or in the event of a breach of other obligations. However, in the absence of a contractual agreement, the law sets a legal interest rate of 6% per annum (as of 2021).

Litigation in Indonesia is usually time-consuming and costly as the appeal process allows debtors to postpone the case even further. The Law on Judicial Power requires the courts to be independent, but in practice, they continue to face a high dose of corruption and the system as a whole suffers from a lack of reliability. Therefore, outsourcing debt collection is the best option. In fact, negotiations with the debtor should always be the first step because it is a requirement to seek a peace agreement before filing a claim.

How Does CIS DRS Provide Outsourcing Debt Collection Services in Indonesia?

Sometimes the sad reality is that returning your money requires taking a hard and strong line with debtors. CIS DRS as 3rd party debt collector provides all types of debt collection services in Indonesia: complete information research, including local and international databases, phone numbers, etc.; a full range of negotiations, including letters, emails, phone and conference calls, face-to-face meetings, outbound site visits, private detectives, etc.; drafting of all necessary legal documents, petitions, claims, lawsuits; further support of the case until payment.

Almost 95% of the cases that we managed are recovered without court proceedings. However, if it happens when the debt remains unpaid, we may recommend litigation with a full range of options. Our collectors will also help you with the selection of the best legal support for each specific case. CIS Debt Recovery Solutions has partners in many countries globally.

CIS DRS Collection Advantages in Indonesia

By contacting our debt collection agency, you will benefit from our many years of practice in the field of debt collection and our network of lawyers in many countries around the world.

Moreover, there is no need to worry about privacy, which is especially important these days. All your personal information and trade secrets will be kept safe as our program complies with the General European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our prices are based on excellent client service and the No Win No Fee principle. We work for results in amicable debt collection and have fixed prices for standard litigation.

Therefore, if your company has an outstanding financial debt in Indonesia and you look for advice, you can hire our team. Do not hesitate to contact our outside collection agency CIS Debt Recovery Solutions. Please fill out the form to submit your debt collection request.
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No Recovery-No Fee.
  • Verifying Debtor's Address
  • Checking Debtors' Status in Database
  • Brief Report to Client
  • Case Strategy Design
  • Confirmation Receipt
  • Claims Automation System
  • Case Processing Starts Immediately
Our lawyers do their best to collect your credits
  1. Get Proposal
  2. Forward for Client's Approval
  3. Collect Payment to Client
  4. CLOSE the File
Whether Debtor Responds Positively (if yes)
  1. Send In-house Demand Notice
  2. Whether Disputes (if yes)
  3. Get Proposal from Debtor
  4. Forward for Client's Approval
  5. Collect Payment to Client (if approved)
  6. Suggest Court Case If Worth (if no)
  7. CLOSE
Whether Responds Negatively (if no)
  1. Convince for Amicable Settlement
  2. Get Proposal
  3. Forward for Client's Approval
  4. Collect Payment to Client (if approved)
  5. CLOSE
Whether Disputes (if no)
You always receive reports regarding our efforts in time

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  2. Collection Efforts Our Lawyers Have Already Done
  3. What Should Be Done Further
  4. Expected Outcome Or Suggestion

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